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After using Other companies for the last few years and having major disappointments in delivery which were taking up to two months, I decided to try Air Cargo Global, couldn’t believe my things left London and arrived in a week in Nairobi. I highly highly recommend them, everything was delt with in a professional way. Thank you Air cargo

Candice Njeri - UK to Kenya shipping

Quotation mark

My Amazon order was delivered fast and best of all it was much cheaper then using DHL, Fedex or other shipping compaines in Kenya. Now i shop weekly from Amazon in UK and USA and gets delivered to me in no time. 

Jem Swanya - USA to Kenya Shipping

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Thank you ! Received my goods in good condition the staff are very friendly. I will surely use your services again.

Lucy Kangethe

Amazon to Kenya: 
How to Shop on Amazon and Ship to Kenya

Amazon is the place to find products that aren't available in Kenya. But Amazon does not ship to Kenya. Now you can with help of Air Cargo global. We ship Amazon products that are not available in Kenya in as little as 5 days. So start shopping from Amazon and ship to Kenya and let Air Cargo Global deliver to your door. 

Amazon to Kenya - How to Shop on Amazon and Ship to Kenya
How to Shop on Amazon and Ship to Kenya


The Answers You Need about Amazon shipping to Kenya

Amazon has limited products that they can send to Kenya, however, this option can take over 25 days. But with Air Cargo Global you can purchase almost anything from Amazon and have it ship to Kenya. We offer a weekly air freight service from UK and USA to Kenya. 

How long does Amazon take to ship to Kenya?

Yes, you can, with Air Cargo Global You Shop We Ship service. Just send links to the products you are after to and will send you a quote. it's as simple as 123. Best of all you pay for shipping once your goods are in Kenya. 

Can I shop from Amazon while in Kenya without credit card?

While we cannot provide a precise projected delivery time without knowing what you are shipping, Amazon items delivered via Air Cargo Global generally arrive in 7 to 14 working days via air for shipping to Kenya from USA and 3 to 5 working days for shipping to Kenya from the UK.

How long does it take to have the goods delivered in Kenya?

If you have Amazon Prime through or, nearly all of your orders will be eligible for free shipping inside the United States and the United Kingdom. What this means is you can have our orders delivered to Air Cargo Global Uk and USA depot for free and then Air Cargo Global ship it to Kenya and even deliver it to your doorstep. 

Does Amazon Prime work in Kenya?

Amazon to Kenya from UK Shipping Address. 



amazon to kenya from UK

Amazon to Kenya from USA Shipping Address. 


Full Name ACG

Street: 17401 Nichols LN Unit J

City: Huntington Beach

State: California (CA)

Zip Code: 92647


Amazon to Keny from USA

Shop from Amazon and Ship to Kenya in 3 simple steps 

If you want to buy on Amazon while in Kenya, you may utilise Amazon Global to look for goods that ship straight to Kenya. However, 95 % of the products are only available to be delivered to the US or UK. Simply visit Amazon's website and search for the things you want to see what's available for shipment in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

You see below the three easy steps on how to ship from Amazon to Kenya with the help of Air Cargo Global as your partner.

Step 1  —

Ordering to our UK and USA depot.

Go to if order to the UK depot or if order to the US depot. (address are above). Once you have found the products you want add them to the basket and checkout using our UK or USA address. Please make sure you use our USA address for and our UK address for 

Once you have placed your order please forward your purchase confirmation to

If you are not able to make the purchase due to having your payment accepted or not having a bank card. Air Cargo Global can order on your behalf. Just simple forward us the links to the products you want to and we will send a quote. 

Step 2  —

Goods are delivered to our UK or USA depot. 

Once your Amazon shopping/ orders are delivered to our UK depot or our USA depot They will be received and processed for onward shipping to Kenya. Goods will be dispatched on our weekly shipment to Kenya that can take as little as 5 days from UK and 12 working days from the USA to Kenya.


You will receive your invoice via email. All Payment methods are available on your shipping invoice.  

Step 3 —

Goods ready for collection in Kenya 

Once your goods are ready for collection our Nairobi team will contact you to advise. You can either collect from our Nairobi & Mombasa depot or we can organise local delivery at affordable rates. 


The only thing left is to sit back and enjoy your purchase from Amazon delivered by Air Cargo Global. 

How to Shop on Amazon in Kenya & Get is Delivered to your Door.

Shopping on Amazon and shipping to Kenya is a terrific method to get things that aren't available locally. However, the procedure can be challenging since many sellers do not ship outside of the United States, and you may encounter difficulty utilising your chosen payment method. Air Cargo Global will help you to purchase from Amazon and other online stores, as well as deliver to your door. You can have your goods delivered in as little as 5 days from Amazon UK shipping to Kenya or 13 days from Amazon USA shipping to Kenya.

Why would Kenyans want to Shop on Amazon?

Best Prices: I find that Amazon provides the finest deals I've found anywhere. You will never have to pay crazy local Kenya prices for an item. I frequently discover exactly what I'm looking for on discounts with Amazon.  With so many products advertised and so many sellers competing against each other, the customer (you!) receives the best price possible. With the help of Air Cargo Global, we can get you access to these bargains offered by Amazon since Amazon don't ship directly to Kenya and Air Cargo Global does on a weekly basis.

Large Selection: Because of the enormous number of vendors, there are hundreds of thousands of things available every day. If you're looking for anything specific, chances are you'll discover a comparable item from ten different sellers. This allows you to simply compare prices and ensure you're getting precisely what you need and let Air Cargo Global ship directly to your Door in Kenya. 

Free Shipping to Kenya by Amazon:  Amazon offers free shipping in UK and USA for most products if you signed up for Amazon Prime. However, Please note Amazon does not offer free shipping to Kenya. With the help of Air Cargo Global, you can use Amazon's free shipping to our UK and USA warehouses. From there we will ship your Amazon order weekly to Kenya. So you can shop for also any items you like from Amazon. However, Please note there are restrictions on what can be sent via Air from UK and USA. But you can send anything via Sea Cargo shipping to Kenya from the UK. 


Amazon Trust: Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. Since Amazon has such a vast user base, most goods come with extremely valuable customer reviews and product photos. These are quite useful when deciding which product to purchase. This ensures that you will be getting the best value for your money. 

Air Cargo Global can help you identify and buy what you want on Amazon, and because we have a US and UK delivery address, you are not limited by things that the seller cannot ship abroad.

We can ensure that none of the items you picked is restricted by Kenyan laws and regulations, and we can combine, pack, and ship your purchase to make the customs procedure easier. With real-time updates on your order, you'll always know when your delivery is on its way.

Amazon to Kenya from USA and UK

Join Air Cargo Global and get your own US and UK shipping addresses, low shipping rates to Kenya, and more! 

online shopping Cargo to kenya from USA and UK

Shop your favourite US and UK stores, such as Amazon US and UK, and send your purchases to our Air Cargo Global warehouses.

Air Freight to Kenya from UK and USA

We receive your packages and save you money on shipping to Kenya. Our service is all-inclusive and hassle-free. 

Amazon delivered to you door in Kenya from USA and UK

Your purchases are delivered to your doorstep in Kenya from Amazon UK and USA in as little as 5 days.


Ready to Shop & Ship from Amazon to Kenya?
Fill out the form below to get a quote. 

Amazon From USA to Kenya

Amazon From UK to Kenya

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