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Shipping from Italy to Kenya

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Have you found it difficult, if not impossible, to Ship from Italy to Kenya? Air Cargo Global has tailored made a service for Kenyans that want to ship commercial cargo from Italy to Kenya. We have taken out all the obstacles and made available a stress free service.

Shipping from Italy to Kenya - Air Cargo Global

Commercial Cargo From Italy to Kenya

Air Cargo Global has developed a vast experience in assisting Kenyans in shipping commercial cargo to Kenya. So we understand and can accommodate your requirements.

We deliver your goods to Kenya via our extensive network of carriers, including Kenya Airways, British Airways, and American Airlines. We have handled commodities in the following industries: health care, manufacturing, wholesale, clothes retail, telecommunications, oil and gas.

Hint: "The reason why our service is so fast is because we send via Air freight from Italy to Kenya."

We collect your pallets from your supplier in Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, or anyplace else in the UK and Europe and deliver them to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, or anywhere else in Kenya.

Our commercial shipments to Kenya are transported weekly from Italy, resulting in speedier arrival to Kenya. All cargo is subject to security screening; our security screening network can handle any size of cargo to ensure a seamless procedure to get your items on board for faster delivery to Kenya.

We at Air Cargo Global understand the value of experience. That is why our consumers have faith in us. We guarantee the safety of your packages and your complete happiness.

Benefits of Using Air Cargo Global to Ship your Commercial Cargo from Italy to Kenya:

  • All-inclusive Service to Kenya from Italy

  • Weekly Air Freight shipment from Italy to Kenya

  • No fees to receive packages

  • Collection from your supplier in the whole of Europe

  • Fast secure delivery.

  • Transporting goods from a Distribution Center (DC) to the final point of sale comes with its own logistics.

  • We provided proof of export to your suppliers so that they don't charge VAT on the purchase of your goods.

Shipping from Italy to Kenya - Commercial Cargo

How do I send a parcel from Italy to Kenya?

When it comes to sending commercial parcels to Kenya from Italy, We offer a service that is next non. Step 1: Use our Italy address as your delivery address when you are making a purchase from your supplier. Step 2: Send us your commercial invoice and packing list to our email

Step 3: We will receive and dispatched your cargo to Kenya from Italy on our Weekly shipment. Your commercial cargo from Italy can be delivered to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, or anywhere in Kenya.

How long does a parcel take from Italy to Kenya?
Can you collect my Commercial cargo from my supplier?

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