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Shipping to Kenya

Kenya is a very famous destination for shoppers of all types of goods. And although there are many methods of shipping to Kenya, air freight is one of the simplest and fastest methods to use. Shipping to Kenya from the UK by freight lets you quickly bring in your commercial cargo for business or other use without delays as experienced with other methods.

Airlines also tend to observe strict schedules and guidelines. This means you get reliability on arrival and departures when shipping from the UK to Kenya. Besides you get transparency on these departure and arrival times. This helps you to plan effectively regarding usage of the cargo - whether you are a business person, government, or company.

Amazon to Kenya with Air Cargo Global

Air Cargo Global allows you to ship Amazon cargo to Kenya regardless of the destination of the cargo. First, the company operates in two locations namely Mombasa and Nairobi. This allows it to serve any location in proximity. However, it also does facilitate sending of the cargo to other parts of Kenya that have no access to air transportation.

Another advantage of shipping to Kenya using Air Cargo Global is that we offer a weekly shipment that takes less than 5 working days, we can even group your order from all your suppliers. This benefit allows shippers to Kenya to make huge savings when shipping any type of cargo. In other words, the method allows you to save to buy more goods for shipping instead of spending a huge amount on multiple shipments.

There are many other methods through which you can reduce the cost of shipping to Kenya from the UK If you are a frequent online shopper on Amazon, for instance, spacing out your shipping helps to reduce freight costs. Nevertheless, lump-sum shopping on Amazon and other online platforms can turn advantageous. For instance, it can help reduce shipping costs.

While many people prefer to ship a large small and light package, this turns out cheaper because, for each package, you pay an amount that covers the cost determined by volume and weight. Although it can help spread out the shipping costs such that you do not feel the burden of shipping, it will also turn out as more expensive than shipping a lump sum at once.

It thus depends on your business needs - some businesses can wait for the spacing out of cargo while others cannot wait.

Air Cargo Global also operates as a consolidation shipping air freight service. In other words, they take small packages from many people interested in shipping and combine them together for shipping. This helps individual shippers to reduce the cost of air freight shipping. It is less expensive than paying for your own shipping service since you will have to pay the entire cost. This is a great way to save on your air freight costs when shipping to Kenya from the U.K. We offer weekly air freight shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Frequent Amazon shoppers who are located in Kenya or the UK do also negotiate long-term agreements with shippers. For instance, with Air Cargo Global, that chance helps Amazon shoppers who need to ship from the UK to Kenya to reduce their shipping costs. Since a long-term agreement with the company means it secures business, they will offer shipping to Kenya from the UK at a cheaper rate every time you shop on Amazon and other platforms. This can be done by joining the ACG club to get benefits such as discounts on handling and free local delivery in Nairobi.

Another way to reduce the cost of shipping to Kenya from the UK is to combine air and ocean shipping where products that can't wait are shipped by air. Otherwise, you can have the rest shipped by ocean transportation. Off-peak shipping is another strategy employed by Amazon shoppers to ship products to Kenya at a lower cost.

This is because some days are more expensive to ship products to Kenya than others. Although this ideally depends on the demand for shipping services, in most cases, Fridays for instance are the cheapest days to ship cargo to Kenya by air. Since many people want to be stocked for the following weekend rush, they tend to ship one week beforehand to have them before Friday.

Back to the benefits you get when using air freight shipping with Air Cargo Global, there is also a reduced risk on products being shipped to Kenya from the UK. The products are less exposed to damage and theft due to the high level of security. For instance, the airports in U.K. and Kenya implements tight cargo control and safety methods, which effectively reduce the likelihood of theft. This removes any possibility of incurring losses as a result. With other methods, the produce would be exposed to damage by water and other things.

You also do not need to arrange for separate storage of cargo being shipped to Kenya. We offer free storage for Air Freight to Kenya from the UK. Local warehousing can constitute a huge chunk of your expenditure when using sea shipping, for instance. With ocean transportation, there are also delays involved in customs clearance, inspection, and other things. Although the same procedures are implemented at airports in Kenya and U.K., you expect them to be fast. This reduces the need for a warehousing arrangement when transporting goods.

Benefit with Air Cargo Global:- We take care of all storage charges and you will only pay for one fee that will cover your all cost from our UK Depot to our Nairobi and Mombasa Depot. So to take advantage of stress-free shipping to Kenya click the link below.

Goods shipped by air through Air Cargo Global also do not require extra packaging requirements compared to when using ocean shipping and transportation. This will save businesses a lot of time and money in the end.

The idea of tracking your shipment from Amazon is also crucial if shipping to Kenya from U.K. Air Cargo Global allows you to track the status of shipments from home via the website or other applications. You can monitor the departure and arrival status and times. Besides, you get constant updates about the status of the cargo after it has left the U.K. You also get notified when it arrives at the destination.

Airfreight service Air Cargo Global lets Amazon customers specify where the cargo is collected in the U.K. There is no limitation on the time for picking the cargo because the company is very flexible. The customer will also need to specify the destination or collection point in Kenya.

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